Thursday, December 27, 2012

MCCR Christmas Share post 2012

Today for my project at My Cricut Craft Room we were to share some family Christmas photos.

This is my lil crafter.  She loves owls.  

She does enjoy a bit of posing. :)

I think we are getting ready to take up soccer!

Daniel with his speaker T-shirt that he has wanted for a while now.
(no snow in the background of the window :( )

We were blessed by having Wes, Jennifer, and Maci spend the night with us.  Santa found Maci again!

Hello Kitty is always a hit with Maci! She loves cats.

Daniel with his magnetic guck...anyways that is what I think it is.
Looks like an alien to me.  This stuff is so cool.  It looks like it is hard as a rock but you can poke holes in it. It will bounce like a ball and then you can hit it with a hammer and it will shatter.   ( I will share more about this in later posts!)

Only my son would request certain foods for Christmas!!!

My daddy with his computerized Bible.

Yes the bike horn works!! (outside toy please!)

My mommy

Dear brother passing out the gifts.

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!
We celebrated with a morning worship service at our church. 
Korea Church of God.

On a side son scored a 33 on his ACT!  Very proud of you Daniel!


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