Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I have some really cute cards to share with you today.  My mom brought them to me at church tonight.  
My dad's uncle's wife made them.  
Carol, they are great!!!!

Thank you so much!

I love them.

Now I am only guessing but I think that they are made with a die cut machine like the Big Shot.  They look like Sizzix Dies.  

If you are reading this Carol leave me a comment or shoot me an email and let me know how you made them. 
First is the Owl- my favorite.   

Next up is the little Scottie dog.
Love the paper she selected!

And last but not least is this adorable little puppy dog.  

Carol, you have inspired me!! :)
I have got to get to crafting and using my Sizzix dies that I have.  
You wouldn't believe it if I told you how many that I have bought and never used....:(.

Well, all that is gonna change.  I am challenging myself to start using all the stuff that I have.  I am setting some goals for myself for this year and that is one of them. I will share more about that later.

If you have crafting stuff that you have accumulated over the years and never used.....leave me a comment and lets challenge each other to use our awesome craft supplies!


  1. I am already following you,

  2. Oh how funny I have used that same exact paper on a cut of an owl when I first started with the cricut!


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